How to issue and track invoices?

How to issue and track invoices?

Our invoicing feature is available through our app with all business subscriptions, including Pay as you go.

  1. Open the Yotta Pay app from your Home Screen.
  2. Go to the Business tab
  3. Click Invoices (you will be asked to fill in your business details if you haven’t done that before).
  4. Click Create invoice and choose to generate either a simplified or a full invoice (the difference is the amount of information you would like to include).
  5. On the Items page, click Add item, and type in the description, unit price, quantity, and tax rate. You can also tick if the item’s price already includes tax.
  6. Once all information for that item is completed, click Save.

There’s no need to calculate numbers, as Yotta Pay does it for you automatically. You can add more items by clicking Add item. If you wish to make any alterations to the item, just click on it. When you have finished editing, click Save to confirm changes or Delete if you wish to delete the item completely. When the list is done, proceed by clicking Next at the bottom of the screen. Now the invoice is ready.

To send the invoice to your customer click Save and share, and choose the most convenient way for you to deliver the invoice.

After sending the invoice, you can track its status. To do that, navigate to the Invoices tab and click Invoice list. Here you can see your invoice history and track which ones were read or paid by your customers.