How to set up an additional dashboard user?

How to set up an additional dashboard user?

Once Admin user has logged into the dashboard:

1. Go to the Menu (right upper corner)

2. Choose Manage users

3. Choose New User

4. Create login for the user, enter name and last name

5. Press the Save button, copy link for invitation and send to the person in need of access to the dashboard

6. Once new user receives a link, they could create a password for the login.

7. Passwords MUST include: minimum 8 symbols, 1 capital letter and 1 number.

To log into the dashboard user needs to navigate to with the created password.


All logins are unique. We would advise to start login names from the same prefix.
For ex: companyname-position-name-surname The best practice is to use a corporate email address.

Admin can block additional dashboard users at any point. Users' access can be reactivated again.
When sending the link add some text apart from the link, so email does not arrive into spam folder.