How to fill the “My business details” form?

How to fill the “My business details” form?

To fill in or change your business details:

  1. Open the Yotta Pay app from your Home Screen.
  2. Go to the Business tab.
  3. Click My business details, and here you can enter the relevant information about your business to appear in all invoices you generate. Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are required. If any details about your business change, you can make the edits later.

You can also upload a logo of your business, which will make your invoices look even more professional:

  1. Click the + button. If you are changing your image for the first time, you will need to allow Yotta Pay to access your photo library.
  2. Browse your photo library for an image you would like to choose.
  3. Select the photo and trim it if needed.
  4. Proceed by clicking Choose on the bottom right of your screen.

Please note that you need to confirm all alterations by clicking Save changes. Now your business details have been updated.